We understand branding. We help our clients build a marketplace asset without the clutter of outdated methods. We understand the web, and more importantly, how best to build your brand using brick and mortar values with the latest in marketplace technologies. We understand demographics, and more subtly, pyschographics in the largest consumer market in the world. Collaborate with us and see your brand reach exciting heights.

enhance your brand

expand your brand

build brand value

Whether your brands is existent or yet to be, we know something is there. That something needs nurture. With IREKEN, enhance what’s there. Build it. Grow it. Love it. Image is everything…. sometimes. It’s the first impression that counts and we’re here to make sure that the first time your brand is seen, it’s an impression that bodes well for growth, sales and market longevity. It’s not just fancy dressing, it’s a strong foot forward.
So you’re brand image is where it’s supposed to be. You got some perceived value. Perfect. Now be seen. Using our channels, both retail and wholesale, we take your brand to the next level – an easy claim to voice; but one we prove in action. Our strategies are multi-tiered and interdisciplinary with key performance indicators that truly show IREKEN’s effectiveness.
It’s the natural course of branding: image, exposure… and market value. Tried and true, the components of a successful brand rarely deviate from the aforementioned. IREKEN takes the natural course of brand building and makes it a solid asset for your business. There is value to be had in brand. Equity as your business would have from any other venture or investment. That’s brand value.

IREKEN’s branding endeavors are not without due support on the intellectual property side. Allied with (The) BRANDIST[S], we offer a full suite of global trademarking services to best protect rights granted under respective governance.

  • Mark registration in Key Countries
  • Distribution Master Agreement(s)
  • Marketplace protection