The culmination of IREKEN’s collective experience and expertise define our assiduous adherence to top brokering standards and conduct. With it comes an enduring commitment to solidify channels between your business, brand or product between the USA and Asia. When building a bridge to positive business in key Chinese segments, we know the path begins with but a single step in the right direction. A single step we all take that, when combined with those on the same path, become synergy capable of spanning markets oceans apart.




Our domestic contacts in conjunction with our agents and network abroad in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia provide a large infrastructure capable of sourcing out a variety of products and product lines for your emerging brand or business. Further, our team of agents continues to grow as we forage into an expanding market where the nature of change is the market itself.
As meticulously as we source out product, we pursue the same excellence in negotiating terms and pricing. We keep things in your favor while maintaining a fit relationship with vendors and key agents overseas. Your business growth depends on every single key factor – one key aspect of negotiation as important as the supporting factors that make up our philosophy in brokering.
Relationships are essential to your overseas business success and IREKEN is poised to act as your go between with Asian manufacturing vendors, brokers, agents and other constituents of the supply chain, marketplace components and end user segments. We liaise so you can focus on growing your business from the homefront.
Brokering is only part of the service provision IREKEN gives to clients seeking product and branding success in Asia. Once the ball is rolling, we attend to:
  • QC & QA protocols
  • Shipment Inspections
  • Contract follow-up