Our prime philosophy involves diligent channel development. With our own channels spanning ecommerce and top tier etailer channels such as Amazon and Ebay, we fully leverage our marketplace presence to maximize on developing your brand or product in an ever-changing market. Our cyclical process enables your product brand, develops market strategies, engages your target audience and segments, proliferates and builds on your developing presence and manages assets, both tangible and intangible.

( enable ) · iREKEN’s channel development starts with enablement – by providing our clients with marketplace and industry insight, we provide the catalyst for the synergy needed to jump start a dynamic plan.

( strategize ) · Our catena espouses strategic planning as being subsequent to enablement. Our core precept is adaptability. We know the marketplace shifts. We are sure of the uncertainty of international production at given times. We embrace the changing nature of channel distribution. With that in mind, we tailor a course of channel development suited for your business and products.

( engage ) · Once we’ve finalized a strategy, we engage the channel using a multi-tiered approach that spans retail, ecommerce and wholesale channels. We leverage effectively while seeking the best opportunity.

( proliferate ) · Upon engaging the channels, iREKEN’s best practice is to organically grow your channel presence and potency through a select gamut of adaptive channel programs and strategies.

( manage ) · iREKEN’s philosophy continues in the long-term management of your business modules our firm has integrated in the target channels. We continue with our commitment to mutual growth and gain in the channel. Dao.