We take fulfillment seriously. As we fulfill for our in-house projects in line with our channel development and branding, so we will for your products and goods. Our approach is based on the three tenets of cost reduction, time sensitivity and logistic optimization. An approach that will put you an a competitive and operational advantage with competitors and market contenders.

reduct costs

gain time

optimize shipping

Part of cost reduction lies in knowing where to cut corners without sacrificing quality assurance. From packaging, storage to shipping costs, IREKEN has formulated the most cost effective, yet most effective, protocols in each respective stream resulting in a healthy bottom line.
With IREKEN helping with your business’s fulfillment needs, you gain more time. Time so needed to move to market more quickly and focus on more product offerings. Time is (proverbially) money. Now you have more of it.
Optimization – a buzz word that makes it way from SEO to online ecommerce. When we talk about shipping optimization, we speak of the full range from shipping discounts, specific shipping couriers, international freight discounts and cost reductions based on packing and storage. It’s something in which we excel, and we strive to bring that excellence to optimizing your total shipping costs.
With our own shipping facility in Walnut, CA and a deep portfolio of shipping couriers and services, we stand ready to deliver good on our promise of cost reduction, time gain and optimized shipping.
  • Portfolio of Shipping Services/Couriers
  • Deep discounts on over dimension packaging
  • Same flat rate to HI and AL with USPS